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  • What makes your lamp shades great?
    These shades are of top quality, made to last many years. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • How do I care for my shades?
    A clean white dry cloth works well for a light dusting. These shades will last many years with ordinary care.

  • Does it matter the wattage of bulb I use?
    Generally, no, but a bulb of over 100 watts is not recommended to prevent the shade from drying out prematurely.

  • How do I know if a shade is too big?
    It is a matter of preference, but the common standard is it is too big if it goes several inches below the on/off switch. Remember, a shade is meant to enhance a lamp, not to hide it!

  • How do I know if a shade is too small?
    Again, it's preference, but if you can see too far above the on/off switch it is too small.

  • What is a finial?
    It is the highest point on the lamp. It holds the shade to the lamp. Finials can be either decorative or functional.

  • Where do I buy finials?
    We carry a complete line of the highest quality finials, from animals to sports to brass ornaments.

    All of our fabric shades have a soft fabric lining. The wire fitter on all shades except the UNO is approximately 3/4" below the top of the shade. The UNO shades have a 3" recession.

    These are some of the most popular shades out of the thousands we have in stock.
    Please call if you are looking for something particular, or if you have questions.